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Intergranular corrosion of a martensitic stainless steel

Martensitic stainless steel (420B) microstructure show carbides precipitate at grain boundaries. Chromium, present in the matrix to guarantee corrosion resistance, is taken away to form chromium carbides. This causes a strong reduction in the corrosion resistance just near the carbides. This … Continue reading

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Ferritic stainless steel welding

Ferritic stainless steel resistance welding The welding of ferritic stainless steel presents certain problems, at times underestimated. We must not only worry about the precipitation of carbides at the grain border, the embrittlement due to a constant 475°C, or the … Continue reading

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Tool joint box

Martensitic microstructure on thread flank. Martensitic microstructure is present on the thread flank and no diffusion area on the base material are present. Microhardness indentations confirm the observation: martensite hardness is around 750 HV, instead base material is around 350 … Continue reading

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