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Ingegneria forense - FerrolegheForensic engineering analysis – Investigation of ferroalloy quality

Ferroalloys are a material of fundamental importance to steel production. Their quality is fundamental to producing high level steel, and for driving high performance steel production. Determining the quality of ferroalloys is of fundamental importance in case of legal disputes.

ingegneria forense Cricca stress corrosion crackingForensic engineering
analysis – Stress corrosion cracking of carbon steel sheet metal

Stress corrosion is a widespread phenomenon yet still unknown to most. It is triggered by the contemporaneous presence of three factors: a corrosive environment, susceptible materials, and tensile stress. We can find evidence of this issue in our pantry when our canned goods fail to preserve their contents. Understanding of this phenomenon is of fundamental importance to the resolution of legal disputes.

ingegneria forense Fretting fatigue damageForensic engineering analysis – Fretting fatigue damage to a nickel-based superalloy

The reciprocal sliding of two joined surfaces (for slippage of the micron order) may cause the initiation of surface cracks, which propagate due to fatigue. This phenomenon can occur in all mechanical joints, due to the actual nature of the connection or due to maintenance problems (lubrication, tightening, etc.). Identifying the cause of a breakdown is of grand importance especially for the insurance sector and those working on damage claims.

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