Forensic Engineering

When faced with legal issues, one must take great care in selecting the correct legal advisors.

The same care should be taken in choosing engineering experts, because technical issues related to civil or penal cases tend to be highly complex. Forensic engineering focuses on scientific issues that are oftentimes the crux of legal proceedings, and consists in the  analysis of product components or structures that didn’t function as they should have (failure analysis).

An integral part of our consulting services is discussing the problem with the client and the client’s legal advisors. This allows us to collect all of the data required to provide useful independent counsel and to clarify all of the technical dynamics. The client will also receive a technical report, and in coordination with the client’s legal advisors, an expert opinion for use at the proceedings.


LF Engineering has experience dealing with variuos type of technical disputes, including the failure of mechanical components in operation, construction defects, and work accidents. We will see you through each and every phase of the proceedings, working side by side with your legal advisors. Our consulting services will be complemented with high quality analysis performed in respected laboratory facilities, which may include collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano.

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