Failure analysis

Even with the most skilled teams, there’s always the possibility of something going wrong,  that your product demonstrates premature failures or malfunctions, or that as a result of these malfunctions you may end up subject to litigation.

There is a lot we can learn from studying failure causes and above all a lot of money to be saved by figuring out a way to fix something that isn’t working.

LF Engineering can help you to quickly resolve your problem.

Failure analysis is an extremely complicated process requiring the application of various competencies. There are many different phenomena that can trigger a failure: stress, fatigue, wear, corrosion, etc. Thanks to our mechanical and metallurgical skills, our independent perspective, and the state of the art laboratories we collaborate with, we can be an outstanding resource in your quest to find a solution.

The scope of our consulting services includes collaboration with the client to carefully analyze the failure, deciding which laboratory testing is required, and quickly furnishing the cause of the failure.

However, that’s not all: by working in tight collaboration with your firm, we will provide you with solutions that not only will resolve or reduce your product issues, but also lead to better market performance.

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