Technical management

“It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It’s that they can’t see the problem.”

Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Too often a problem viewed from up close appears distorted causing a loss of global vision. The same happens in corporations when technical teams working to resolve and manage product issues are too close to the problem to maintain a clear and distinct view. To which, added the typical workload, impedes your technicians from being able to dedicate their full time and attention to research and development.

It can be helpful to have an external research and development support figure who, in close collaboration with corporate technicians, assists in finding the correct work method and a more scientific approach, allowing them to face with greater ease the technical difficulties related to their daily work.

LF Engineering, interacting on a daily basis with your technical office or your R&D department, can help resolve resource gaps in design, programming, the planning process, or specific product problems, in this way developing in the corporate culture competence, autonomy and organization.

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